Students Excel at 2019 Burleson ISD Elementary UIL Academics Competition

BURLESON, Texas – March 7, 2019 – Elementary students in Burleson Independent School District (BISD) competed as individuals and as teams at the A+ Academics competition held March 2 at Centennial High School. This UIL Academic Competition and its events are designed to complement and expand upon what students learn in the classroom, both through learning specific subject knowledge, and through learning skills that are valuable in most disciplines.

More than 300 elementary students competed for individual and team recognition in the following categories: Art; Chess Puzzle; Creative Writing; Dictionary Skills; Listening; Maps, Charts and Graphs; Music Memory; Number Sense; Oral Reading; Ready Writing; Social Studies; Spelling; and Storytelling.

This is the third year BISD offered the A+ Academics competition to elementary students.

Congratulations to students and teams for their achievements at this year’s academic meet:

2019 School Grand Champions: Frazier Elementary

Art, 4th Grade

1. Violet Ervin, Bransom

2. Malia Valerio, Mound

3. Ava Strother, Frazier

4. Amber Baker, Bransom

5. Samantha Alford, Mound
6. Kaylee Brock, Bransom

Art, 4th Grade Team
1. Mound

2. Bransom
3. Frazier  

Art, 5th Grade

1. Katelyn Seeton, Bransom  

2. Landon Birdsall, Nola Dunn

3. Arianna Galindo, Frazier

4. Keelie Vernon, Nola Dunn

5. Katy Davis, Nola Dunn
6. Rylee Preston, Frazier

Art, 5th Grade Team
1. Nola Dunn

2. Frazier

3. Mound

Chess Puzzle, 2nd Grade
1. Malachi Armstrong, Frazier

2. Avery Smith, Hajek

3. Alissa Keim, Clinkscale & Everett Bates, Frazier (tie)

5.  Nolen Waterhouse, Hajek

6. Reid Buckner, Clinkscale

Chess Puzzle, 2nd Grade Team

1. Frazier

2. Clinkscale
3. Hajek

Chess Puzzle, 3rd Grade
1. Grant Williams, Mound

2. Wesley Smith, Mound

3. Gage Hart, Clinkscale

4. Noah Rosales, Clinkscale

5. Kayleigh Camm, Hajek
6. Clayton Evans, Mound

Chess Puzzle, 3rd Grade Team
1. Mound

2. Clinkscale

3. Stribling

Chess Puzzle, 4th Grade
1. Dylan Ricke, Hajek

2. Hunter Matthews, Clinkscale

3. Maddox Whitehead, Clinkscale & Thomas McGovern, Hajek (tie)

5. Enzo Elsner, Frazier

6. Kailyn Russell, Clinkscale

Chess Puzzle, 4th Grade Team
1. Clinkscale

2. Hajek

3. Frazier

Chess Puzzle, 5th Grade

1. Jacob Dunn, Stribling & Kylie Stafford, Frazier (tie)

3. Brooke Bridges, Stribling

4. Travis Williams, Mound

5. Josiah Wells, Bransom
6. Ryeland Buckner, Clinkscale

Chess Puzzle, 5th Grade Team
1. Stribling

2. Frazier

3. Bransom

Creative Writing, 2nd Grade
1. Emmy Nash, Hajek

2. Jackson Ervin, Bransom

3. Lauren Mejia, Clinkscale

4. Jessica Ombati, Clinkscale

5. Isaac Loveland, Hajek

6. Geo Ortiz, Taylor

Dictionary Skills, 5th Grade

1. Jacelyn Eades, Stribling

2. Clara Smith, Stribling

2. Leia Beckett, Bransom

4. Joshua Swaim, Nola Dunn

5. Whitney Henken, Nola Dunn  

6. Sadie Ramirez, Frazier; Layla Detty, Nola Dunn; and Dane Burnett, Stribling (tie)

Dictionary Skills, 5th Grade Team
1. Stribling

2. Nola Dunn

3. Frazier

Listening, 5th Grade
1. Joshua Dewald, Frazier

2. Braeden Love, Frazier
3. Ella Peters, Frazier

4. Olivia Davis, Stribling

5. Madelyn Lowe, Bransom

6. Ivory Williams, Clinkscale

Listening, 5th Grade Team
1. Frazier

2. Stribling

3. Bransom

Maps, Charts, and Graphs, 5th Grade
1. Kylie Stafford, Frazier

2. Josh Elsner, Frazier

3. Cade Greene, Nola Dunn

4. Eha Ray, Frazier

5. Cade Jones, Bransom

6. Brayden Luker, Bransom

Maps, Charts, and Graphs, 5th Grade Team
1. Frazier

Music Memory, 3rd Grade
1. Case Eison, Frazier

2. Ellie Hickman, Stribling

3. Kaydence Crawford, Frazier

4. Presleigh Gregory, Frazier

5. Emily Odom, Frazier

6. Caroline Chiarelli, Stribling

Music Memory, 3rd Grade Team
1. Frazier

2. Stribling

3. Nola Dunn

Music Memory, 4th Grade
1. Aliyah Conn, Bransom & Violet Ervin, Bransom (tie)

3. Austin Green, Stribling

4. Abigail Blackwood, Bransom

5. Christian Peel, Frazier

6. Maili Chavez, Frazier

Music Memory, 4th Grade Team
1. Frazier

2. Bransom

3. Stribling

Music Memory, 5th Grade
1. Maci Keith, Stribling

2. Nolyn Salinas, Bransom

3. Baylor Adams, Bransom

4. Davian Patton, Bransom

5. Emily Dixon, Frazier

6. Bayleigh Winner, Bransom

Music Memory, 5th Grade Team
1. Bransom

2. Frazier

3. Stribling

Number Sense, 4th Grade
1. Enzo Elsner, Frazier

2. Ashton Smith, Stribling

3. Jayden Martinez, Stribling  

4. Jonas Kennedy, Frazier

5. Zachary Cooke, Stribling

6. Owen Bishop, Nola Dunn

Number Sense, 4th Grade Team
1. Frazier

2. Stribling

3. Nola Dunn

Number Sense, 5th Grade
1. Joshua Elsner, Frazier

2. Kimberly Newton, Stribling

3. Lincoln Marchman, Hajek

4. Mikah Matsuzawa, Nola Dunn

5. Justin Skiles, Nola Dunn

6. Zander Cobb, Clinkscale

Number Sense, 5th Grade Team
1. Frazier

2. Nola Dunn

3. Stribling

Oral Reading, 4th Grade
1. Malia Falina, Nola Dunn

2. Kamdyn Dart, Frazier

3. Jared Collins, Stribling

4. Natalia Portillo, Hajek

5. Presley Shields, Bransom

6. Dessyln Snead, Nola Dunn

Oral Reading, 5th Grade
1. Gabe Shawky, Frazier

2. Kyah Frank, Nola Dunn

3. Sophia Kirkpatrick, Bransom

4. Carter Ranc, Bransom

5. Mardie Frye, Bransom

6. Sydnee Cody, Stribling

Ready Writing, 3rd Grade
1. Presleigh Gregory, Frazier

2. Samantha Schiell, Clinkscale

3. Mia Collins, Clinkscale

4. Kinley Blair, Bransom

5. Grant Williams, Mound

6. Lilly Drier, Taylor

Ready Writing, 4th Grade
1. Violet Ervin, Bransom

2. Julia Luna, Taylor

3. Kailyn Russell, Clinkscale

4. Kadence Johnson, Nola Dunn

5. Fiona McKenney, Mound

6. Hollyn Gresak, Bransom

Ready Writing, 5th Grade
1. Savannah Clements, Nola Dunn

2. Jewlia Tolerson, Hajek

3. Cooper Yarbough, Nola Dunn

4. Madelyn Lowe, Bransom

5. Cameryn Hamacker, Frazier

6. Brooke Bridges, Stribling

Social Studies, 5th Grade
1. Josh Elsner, Frazier

2. Joshua DeWald, Frazier

3. Jack McClain, Bransom

4. Gavin Orru, Stribling

5. Emily Pavlovsky, Stribling

6. Emily Dixon, Frazier

Social Studies, 5th Grade Team
1. Frazier

2. Stribling

3. Bransom

Spelling, 3rd Grade
1. William Morelock, Bransom

2. Cade Cogdill, Clinkscale

3. Nathan Williams, Clinkscale

4. Owen Woolsey, Stribling

5. Cwen Campbell, Stribling

6. Case Eison, Frazier

Spelling, 3rd Grade Team
1. Bransom

2. Stribling

3. Frazier

Spelling, 4th Grade
1. Kacen Eades, Stribling

2. Violet Ervin, Bransom
3. Malia Valerio, Mound

4. Kacey Burbridge, Clinkscale

5. Dax Ennenbach, Mound

6. Jordan Herigon, Clinkscale

Spelling, 4th Grade Team
1. Mound

2. Clinkscale

3. Stribling

Spelling, 5th Grade
1. Ivory Williams, Clinkscale

2. Azeah Gaynor, Clinkscale

3. Jacelyn Eades, Stribling

4. Braedon Love, Frazier

5. Sophia Wasson, Frazier

6. Grace Halford, Stribling

Spelling, 5th Grade Team
1. Clinkscale

2. Frazier

3. Stribling

Storytelling, 2nd Grade
1. Jacie Kelly, Hajek

2. Liam Bowman, Stribling

3. Victoria Ameka, Hajek

4. Avery Smith, Hajek

5. Brystal Harrison, Stribling

6. Zoey Sorenson, Bransom

Storytelling, 3rd Grade
1. Lane Schott, Bransom

2. Piper Brown, Frazier

3. Caroline Chiarelli, Stribling

4. Talia Cruse, Stribling

5. Dunya Lucic, Bransom6. Marshall Jenson, Nola Dunn