Safety and Security

The safety and security of students and staff is Burleson ISD’s first priority. We continuously work with first responders to review and reinforce all safety procedures on and around our campuses.


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Staying Safe Around Gas and Petroleum Pipelines

Resources & Training

Standard Response Protocol

In partnership with local first responders, BISD is implementing the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) developed by the I Love You Guys Foundation. The SRP provides a common vocabulary, understanding of what to do, and common expectations of behavior during a crisis. The SRP defines specific actions in the event of a crisis:

  • Lockout – Used when a threat is outside of the building. Everyone is brought inside the building and school continues as normal. Exterior doors are locked and staff are asked to increase situational awareness.
  • Lockdown – Used when a threat is inside the building.  Classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off, and students and staff move out of sight.
  • Evacuate – Used when students and staff need to leave the building.
  • Shelter – Used when specific protective actions are necessary. This could be due to severe weather.
  • Hold – Used when students need to be out of the halls or any reason to restrict movement in the building.

Additional information and resources are available at

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BISD partners with CrisisGo, providing access to emergency plans, evacuation maps, class rosters, checklists and more. This mobile app provides a digital version of emergency management procedures with the Standard Response Protocol integrated for emergency responses. Utilizing CrisisGo, staff members can send a panic out to notify the appropriate personnel. Administrators may then send out an “alert” immediately notifying  local first responders as well as campus and district staff of the incident. Staff members are provided access to the appropriate checklists for the incident as well as class rosters, and more. Group communication during a crisis via message groups may also occur within the app.

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Safety and Security Intranet Site

BISD maintains an active intranet site with staff resources that include: CrisisGo Training, Standard Response Protocol (SRP) materials and training, administrator guides, and drill guidelines. With an intranet site dedicated to safety and security, all district staff are able to access safety protocols and training resources at any time.


Burleson Police Department

Burleson ISD added an additional School Resource Officer (SRO) for the 2018-19 school year. As BISD continues to rely heavily on the experience and expertise of the Burleson Police Department (BPD), the district has appointed a sergeant to this position who will oversee the SRO program, provide support to all campuses, and will offer training to staff and students during the school year.

BPD has provided multiple trainings for BISD campus and district administrators. This summer they conducted several active shooter training exercises at campuses in the district.


Burleson Fire Department

The Burleson Fire Department (BFD) has provided trauma kits to every campus in BISD as well as BISD Stadium. Campus nurses along with designated staff members at each campus have been trained on proper trauma kit usage.

The BFD is re-evaluating all campus fire drill and evacuation procedures. The implementation of new, campus-specific procedures is in process.

BFD continuously plans and assesses response models and procedures searching for ways to improve.


Texas State Safety Center

The BISD follows guidelines outlined by the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) and was recognized by the TxSSC for its safety and security practices, which includes:

    • Developing and implementing a multi-hazard emergency operations plan measuring facility and grounds security while outlining emergency communications with local emergency management agencies.


    • Providing employee training for emergency responses and conducting school drills and exercises to prepare students and employees for appropriate emergency response.


  • Creation of a Safety and Security Committee to work together for a comprehensive emergency operations plan. The committee includes the Burleson Fire Department, Burleson Fire Marshal, Burleson Police Department, City of Burleson, GoldStar Transportation Services, Johnson County Justice of the Peace, MedStar, local health organizations, and representation from district and campus leadership.  
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Safety and Security Committee

Burleson ISD facilitates safety and security committee meetings to review and update security practices and the district emergency operations plan. Agencies working together to form the Safety and Security Committee include:

    • Burleson Police Department


    • Burleson Fire Department,


    • Medstar,


    • Burleson Fire Marshal,


    • Johnson County Emergency Management,


    • Johnson County Sheriff’s Office


    • Goldstar Transportation,


  • and other local agencies.

Physical Security

Video-based identification systems at the front entrance at every campus allow front office staff to identify and then give access to visitors requesting to enter. Although this will require extra time for parents entering the front office, the additional precaution provides an extra layer of security for our school buildings.

Visitors are required to scan their ID through the Raptor system to provide campuses with a reliable method of verifying that visitors do not have criminal history which prevents them from entering a school.

BISD conducted an audit of each security cameras to ensure proper performance and appropriate image quality, identifying and addressing major concerns. Additional cameras will be installed as needed.

BISD is researching other physical security measures such as ballistic film applied to the glass in areas where appropriate.

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Intelligence Gathering

BISD knows that students see and hear things. A vital step in prevention is early identification of potential threats and intelligence gathering. In partnership with Tarrant County Crime Stoppers and Friends for Life, BISD provides students with a platform to submit anonymous tips. Students are encouraged to report information that is criminal, threatening, inappropriate, or potentially harmful on topics that may include:

    • Bullying


    • Dating violence


    • Cyberbullying


    • Family violence/abuse


    • Gang activity


    • Sexting


    • Sexual harassment


  • Suicidal thoughts

Students are able to anonymously submit tips through a phone app, at or by calling Crime Stoppers 817-469-8477.

Friends for Life

Campus Crime Stoppers


BISD is evaluating technology that automatically alerts appropriate staff when certain keywords are encountered by content filters which currently block inappropriate websites. This technology may identify potential threats or identify students in need of help.

Software scanning public social media posts for potential threats is in review. This software sends an automated alert to appropriate personnel when a potential threat is discovered on social media.