Hurst/Renfro Property Community Engagement

“After receiving feedback from our community, we are looking at ways to amend the initial proposal. This summer, we will engage our neighbors in a discussion of the amended proposal and how we should move forward.

Our goal is to put a longtime plan in place to control the development of the property to ensure it’s compatible with campuses and neighbors nearby. In so doing, we are trying to be good stewards of the resources for which we are responsible.

By having a good development plan in place, with restrictions and covenants, we ensure that top notch companies will want to invest in our city in ways that conform to our goals as a district.”

– Shawn Minor, President, Burleson ISD Board of Trustees


This site serves as a community resource, providing information and facts on district property, and responses to questions from the community. Please check back regularly, as information is updated frequently.


Community Engagement

We heard your concerns regarding the land planning next to Bransom Elementary. It is important to the Board of Trustees and the district that we hear from you. That is why we are asking for your engagement.

The following plan ensures that we will hear your voice and opinions on how we should proceed. Our goal is to provide ample time for our community members to offer feedback for us as we move forward.

1: District Develops Survey
In February 2017, we will prepare a survey for citizens to voice their opinions on the current plan and provide space for them to leave comments and suggestions about what they’d like to see in the near future with regard to this property.

2: Survey Responses
The survey will be open from March 1 through June 30, 2017, giving ample time for our neighbors to voice their opinions and make suggestions.

3: Full Review of Results
In July 2017, we will fully review, consider, and share the results of the survey with the land planner. Results of the survey will be posted on the BISD website for community members to review.

Community Engagement Forum
September 2017
We anticipate that an amended plan will be ready to present at a Community Engagement Forum where we would like to hear your responses. BISD wants to remain a good neighbor and contributor to this community. Together, we will realize a plan for this property that is in concert with the community’s ideals and brings greater value to our neighbors as we build opportunity for our children’s education.

Click here for a printable timeline.


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