Rumor Mill--True or False?

Rumor MillBISD has established THE RUMOR MILL in an effort to provide parents, students, staff, and citizens with accurate and timely information regarding district matters. Weekly updates will address some of the most frequently asked questions by our citizens or provide accurate information designed to correct false information that may be circulating within the community.


Q. I heard the district will not provide bus service next year….is that true?

A. While the district has made no official decision, all district services, including transportation, are being reviewed for potential savings due to a loss of revenue. A notice was placed on the website June 27, 2011 informing parents that bus service would be retained for 2011-12; however, the Board of Trustees will be reviewing this issue during the fall semester and will potentially consider a reduction of services for the 2012-13 school year. The Board of Trustees has discussed this topic at the August, September, and October meetings. A recommendation by administration should be made by the end of the semester.


Q. Someone told me the district no longer has crossing guards.

A. The district still provides the services of crossing guards; however, that task is now being handled by teachers and staff members at each campus. The district no longer employs additional staff members to perform this task. All BISD staff who perform these duties received the same training as our former crossing guards and that training is provided by the Burleson Police Department. Safety remains one of our highest priorities, and we appreciate the efforts of our staff members who took on these additional responsibilities.


Q. With all the money problems in the district, why does the district still have so many coaches?

A. The district reduced the number of coaching staff at each campus and currently has fewer coaches than many districts of similar size. We employ a sufficient number of coaches to handle 7th & 8th grade teams for boys and girls, as well as Freshmen, JV, and Varsity teams for boys and girls in all sports. Coaches are certified teachers who also teach during the regular school day. In addition to reducing the number of coaches, all extra duty stipends (this includes coaches extra pay) in the district were reduced by 20% this year as one of the budget reduction strategies. Coaches are also required to have their Commercial Drivers License so that they can drive buses to athletic events, saving the district additional monies.


Q. I saw the sprinklers on this summer, so I was curious if the district has to follow the water restrictions implemented by the city.

A. Yes, when the city placed restrictions on watering, the district followed those same guidelines. Centennial High School was designed to save energy and conserve, so it has its own well system; however, the district still enacted conservation measures at every campus. Having artificial turf at some facilities also helps the district conserve water and reduces maintenance costs.


Q. We already moved once, and we like the elementary school our child attends; yet, I hear the district is making boundary changes for next year. Will my child be moved to a new school?

A. No, the district made no changes in the elementary boundaries. In May of 2011, the Board of Trustees did approve a district plan to alter the high school boundaries with a direct feeder plan. The plan was approved after two community meetings and multiple discussions at School Board meetings last spring. The plan, which becomes effective with the 2012-13 school year, will send all Kerr Middle School students to Centennial High School and all Hughes Middle School students to Burleson High School. This plan will allow students who attended classes in neighborhood elementary and middle schools to continue their high school experience with their classmates. It also provides an opportunity for teams and student organizations to remain together in grades 7-12. Elementary schools were not affected by this change.


 Q. I heard a rumor that high school students will be wearing uniforms for the 2012-13 school year.

 A. Completely false.  No discussions regarding uniforms or any dress code changes have taken place this year.  Any change in the dress code will always be preceded by parental input, school board discussions, and committee meetings in order to gather input from our customers.  BISD is not making any changes in the dress code for the 2012-13 school year.


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