Food Services

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Rita Denton, Food Service Director

(817) 245-1160



Meal Pricing

Elementary Breakfast
$1.35 / $0.30
Elementary Lunch
$2.50 / $0.40

Secondary Breakfast
$1.50 / $0.30
Secondary Lunch
$2.75 / $0.40

Adult Breakfast
Adult Lunch





We still bake from scratch too!


    Introducing new brands this year!









Click HERE to learn how to check your lunch money balance or to set up an email reminder! 

New Menu Items:

  Fiesta Taco Salad Bowls are available at all Secondary Campuses Now!! 
  Delicious Featured Wraps offered daily at all Secondary Campuses
  Grilled to Order!
  Healthy Sides at every Campus
  Bringing Wraps into Reimbursbale Meals even at Elementary level this year!!


What is the BISD Charging Policy?

Secondary Students:  Burleson ISD allows two full meals to be charged.  If no lunch money has been deposited after the two meals are served, we will unfortunately have to serve an alternate meal (Ham Sandwich with a milk). 

We never allow the charging of snacks or second portions.

We accept Checks, Cash, and Online Payments. 

Public School Nutrition Policy At-A-Glance

Schools are in a powerful position to influence children’s lifelong eating habits. To support this role and help combat the childhood obesity crisis, the Texas Department of Agriculture created new nutrition guidelines for public schools participating in the federally funded Child Nutrition Programs. These quick reference guides outlines the policies for Texas elementary schools, effective Aug. 1, 2004.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do teachers and adults pay more for lunch?
Anyone who is not a student in the district will pay more for their breakfast and lunch because no federal subsidy is received for a non-student lunch.

Federal funds subsidize the school-age students lunch and breakfast, lowering the cost for families.

The price charged for non-students must be the full price of the meal unless local tax money or income from other sources are used to subsidize the non-student lunches.

2.  Will the other students know that my Child is on the Free & Reduced Program?
No, all information is kept confidential at all times.  Even at the register, everyone goes through the same way with no distiniction.  Since many families pay online, there is very little exchange of cash, and cashiers will never identify your student by their pay status.

3.  If my child is free or Reduced can he only get the free milk?
No, in order to get free lunch, the student must select at the very minimum three components (one component on the tray MUST be a Fruit or a Vegetable).  They can take up to five full components.

4.  Why does the second meal cost more than the first meal?Every child, no matter their pay status, is eligible for one Reimbursable Meal daily.  When they select an extra entree or a second tray we are not reimbursed for that food and must charge more.