Graduation: Not “One Size Fits All” Anymore

Burleson ISD providing flexible class schedules, intensive academic support, ‘whatever it takes for hard-working students struggling to graduate’


BURLESON, Texas (May 10, 2017) — The traditional classroom doesn’t work for every student. That’s why Burleson Independent School District is breaking the “one size fits all” approach to help every student graduate prepared to tackle college and careers.

Whether at risk of failing a class or juggling responsibilities like caring for ill family members or contributing to their family’s income, high school students who may’ve been overwhelmed by schoolwork now have a lifeline.

“Teachers and principals are doing whatever it takes for hard-working students struggling to graduate,” said Burleson ISD Superintendent Bret Jimerson. “Every student has the love of learning in them. Educators in our schools proudly take on the responsibility of nurturing that and adapting as needed to set them all on a path to success—no matter what life may put in each student’s way.”

A new program at Centennial High School is helping graduate more students by providing flexible class schedules and intensive academic support.

Dedicated teachers like Brittany Riley volunteer to give up their lunch hour and little free time to help students struggling in a particular subject and support them with whatever’s needed.

“They go into it sometimes thinking it is super hard and impossible. I encourage them to get through it,” Riley said. “Seeing the look on their faces when they master a subject and complete their course, watching the kids accomplish something, watching them be successful, it’s just the best thing ever.”

Principals like Charles Etheridge join teachers in classrooms, working side-by-side with students.

“Without the flexibility and support, there are a good number of kids who would not graduate.” Etheridge said. “Being free from traditional parameters makes a huge difference in the success rates for many of the students we serve.”

The program at Centennial High School is one of many innovations Burleson educators are applying to transform the school experience for students.



Burleson Independent School District serves more than 11,000 students at 16 campuses, and is recognized as a premier school district in the Dallas/Fort Worth-area. The mission of Burleson Independent School District is to engage and support every learner with a rigorous curriculum so that they graduate college and career ready.



Mikala Hill or Katelyn Tyler

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