Facility Advisory Committee – Charter

Purpose of Group: Collaborative development of a bond package and TRE election recommendation for presentation to the Burleson ISD Board of Trustees and ultimately to the Burleson ISD community in May 2017

Champions: Superintendent and Board of Trustees


Scope of Work:

  • Consideration and analysis of data related to possible bond election and TRE election
  • Basic knowledge of public school finance issues and district financial data
  • Review of district facilities, technology, transportation and safety and security needs
  • Collaborative formulation of bond package
  • Participation in follow-up activities that result from bond proposal and TRE election

Parameters or Constraints:

  • Sound financial and facility-use stewardship
  • Students’ needs
  • Viability of referendum in the community
  • Legislative mandates
  • Established district processes and strategic plan
  • Priority Codes
  • Whole-district considerations
  • Adequate and equitable communications
  • Timeline for May 2017 bond and TRE election
  • Board of Trustees action
  • Agreed-upon ground rules, decision making and charter

Capabilities and Strengths:

  • Professional district resource people, demographer, architects and facilitator
  • Past bond referendum information and historical data
  • Accurate financial data and construction cost data
  • Diversity, knowledge, and expertise of committee—individually and collectively

Follow-up Responsibilities of Committee:

  • Participate in public bond and TRE information meetings should bond/TRE elections be called by the Board of Trustees
  • Review, assimilate and prioritize data for sound and informed decision making
  • Attend each Facilities Advisory Committee meeting