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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an exciting time in your child’s life. You, as a parent, can help determine your child’s success in Kindergarten.

The following checklist of knowledge and skills in Pre-Reading, Math, Physical & Social Skills will help prepare the transition into kindergarten.

Pre-Reading Math Physical Social Skills

MAP Growth Assessment

TEA Required Reading Assessment


The state of Texas requires a reading assessment for all K-2 students to be administered three times a year. BISD is currently using MAP Growth Assessment. The assessment data provides information about the percentage of students who are “on target” or “still developing” in foundational skills of reading (such as letters and sounds, phonemic awareness, rhyming, beginning, middle and ending sounds in words, etc.), comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and language. The data also shows growth achieved by the student throughout the year. Using MAP data, along with other assessments, BISD teachers are able to identify students who may have reading difficulties and provide targeted intervention to help students reach grade-level goals.

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