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“What is college readiness?”

House Bill 3, §39.024(a) defines college readiness as the level of preparation a student must attain in English language arts and mathematics courses to enroll and succeed, without remediation, in an entry-level general education course for credit in that same content area for a baccalaureate degree or associate degree program.

Student and Parent Resources

Scholarship Bulletin (updated 11.5.2018)

To assist with college readiness, both Burleson High School and Centennial High School have college access specialists on their campuses. Please follow the appropriate link below for more information.

Burleson High School College & Career Center

Centennial High School College & Career Center

Burleson Opportunity Fund

The Burleson Opportunity Fund is a scholarship program open to all high school graduates who live or attend school in Burleson, Texas. The ultimate goal of the Burleson Opportunity Fund is to provide every high school graduate from Burleson the opportunity to attain post-secondary education.   The fund pays tuition and fees for students to attend Hill College at Burleson.  The funding is provided by many contributing organizations, partners, and individuals.  To learn more about the Burleson Opportunity Fund and its mission and to apply for the fund, visit their website at