BISD IGNITE is Burleson ISD’s first student speaker series and is implemented using the Discovery Education “IGNITE” format. Students have thought provoking ideas and BISD IGNITE gives students a voice to share ideas, that impact our lives and community, with the opportunity to create change and encourage solutions.

The theme of the speaker series is “IGNITE your passion and share.” This theme is broad and encompasses many subjects to allow students to speak on local, national or international topics, that may include social issues, education, technology, science, medicine, or any other subject a student is passionate about.

The goal is to encourage students to engage in innovative thinking and inspire transformation.

Students speak for 5 minutes, from memory, about a topic of interest to them, a problem they want to solve, or a solution to a problem that no one has solved. Their speech is accompanied by 20 slides that advance automatically. Student submissions for IGNITE events are evaluated on the following components:

  • Nonverbal Skills: Eye contact, body language & poise
  • Verbal Skills: Enthusiasm & elocution
  • Content: Subject knowledge, organization & mechanics

Speaker Eligibility:

  • Must be BISD student in grades 4-12
  • Must present during the annual October IGNITE event

Speaker Registration:

  • Students complete the BISD IGNITE registration form
  • Students must submit a link to a video of their presentation via email to
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