Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the Main Meal?

The main meal is often referred to a “reimbursable meal”. Regulations define what this tray includes.  At breakfast the student must have at least 3 items on their tray.  At lunch there are five offered components daily, which meets the Federal Meal Pattern. The five components are:


  • Meat/Meat Alternate (at least 1 oz)
  • Grain (at least 1 oz)
  • Fruit ( ½ Cup)
  • Vegetable ( ¾ Cup)
  • Milk (1 Cup)


To qualify as a meal, the student must select at least 3 of the components and no more than 5. At least one of

their chosen components must be a fruit and/or a vegetable. An example of a tray would be:


  • Chicken Quesadilla w/ included condiments (Grain + Meat)
  • Mandarin Oranges (Fruit)
  • Cucumbers (Vegetable)
  • Milk

What is offered at my campus for extras?

Child Nutrition does sell a la carte items which can be a great convenience for families. Perhaps you haven’t gotten to the store yet, the week is flying by, and you know your child will need a snack before ballet class. Or maybe your child likes a nice cold bottled water to complement their lunch. Maybe you pack a lunch but like that they can buy a housemade smoothie onsite at lunch time. Whatever it is, we are excited to bring in fun items to your lunch line. Every campus has a little bit of a different selection.

What is my child spending money on?

We are able to print out a transaction history detailed report for each student upon request. Simply call the

Food Service Office or your Café Manager.

To put a restriction on your student’s account, please call our main office at (817) 245-1008. Or you can even contact your café manager in person or by  phone.

Can I put a restriction on my Child’s Lunch Account?

Absolutely! You are in complete control of your child’s account. You can add a variety of messages that the

cashier will see pop up each time your student comes through the line. Common notes include:


  • Allergic to Dairy
  • One Snack per day
  • Snack on Friday only
  • “Cash” for snacks
  • “Reimbursable Meal” only – no extras

You set up the account exactly how it should be. Each family is different and has different preferences.

Is it too late to apply for Free and Reduced Lunch?

No! You may apply anytime through the school year, we realize that financial situations can change at any moment.

Online Application

Will the other students know that my Child is on the Free & Reduced Program?

No. All information is kept confidential at all times.  Since many families pay online, there is very little exchange of cash, and cashiers will never identify your student by their pay status.

If my child is on the Free and Reduced Program, can he only get the free milk?

No.  To receive a free of reduced priced meal, the student must select at the very minimum three components (one component on the tray MUST be a Fruit or a Vegetable). Students can take up to five full components.

What is the BISD Charging Policy?

Secondary Students: Burleson ISD allows two full meals to be charged. If no lunch money has been deposited after the two meals are served, an alternate meal of a sandwich, fruit and milk will be served.

We do not allow the charging of snacks or second portions.

We accept Checks, Cash, and Online Payments.

Where can I find additional information about the Food Service Department? has an abundance of information regarding the program. We strive to update
the page in a timely fashion.  We even feature pictures from our lunch lines.  We will also feature specials and promotions throughout the year. Carbohydrate Counts and Calorie information is also included on the site.

The Child Nutrition Department also has a menu app for your smart phone.  Search “Nutrislice” in Googleplay or on the AppStore and download it for free!

What if I have a comment or a suggestion for the program?

Give us a call!  We love to hear feedback!  You can call us directly at 817-245-1008.