Transportation (Bus) Routes

Bus Route/Stop Procedures

  • Students must live at least 2 miles from their campus to be eligible for transportation
  • Students may only ride between their registered home address and attended campus
  • Bus stops are located as effectively as possible, however students may be expected to walk to their nearest stop up to:
    • 0.25 mile for Elementary school
    • 0.50 mile for Middle school
    • 0.75 mile for High school
  • Bus routes are planned according to these considerations:
    • Even distribution of stops throughout neighborhoods
    • Safety of stop locations
    • New students and district growth
  • Bus routes cannot be changed:
    • Based on a particular student or family
    • Bus stop is not visible from students home
    • Relocation of student during current school year

For additional questions, contact Goldstar at 817-245-1180.