Burleson ISD Teachers and Staff of the Year

Congratulations to the teachers and staff of the year for the 2016-17 school year. These staff members were selected by their peers for their dedication to students and teams.


Elementary Teacher of the Year: Ellen Douglas

Secondary Teacher of the Year: Matthew Collings


Academy at Nola Dunn

Teacher: Shaula Shaffer

Support Staff: Dana Blackaby

Para Clerical: Gracie Martinez

Para Instructional: Paul Grosskurth  

Auxiliary Staff: Claire Jividen


Academy of the Arts at Bransom

Teacher: Nicki Earnheart  

Support Staff: Sheri McCrory  

Para Clerical: Valerie Martin

Para Instructional: Cindy Matthews

Auxiliary Staff: Meaghan Weldon


Brock Elementary

Teacher: Suzy Lowry

Support Staff:  Alicia Berry

Para Clerical: Deanette Sullivan

Para Instructional: Robin Short

Auxiliary: Lorena Mendez  


Clinkscale Elementary

Teacher: Jenny Robertson

Support Staff: Kelsey Anderson

Para Clerical: Wendy Daughabaugh  

Para Instructional: Victoria Cano

Auxiliary Staff: Luisa Ortega Monroy


Frazier Elementary

Teacher: Vickie Mihills

Support Staff: Kim Tubig

Para Clerical: Tonia McKnight

Para Instructional: Elizabeth Schuman

Auxiliary Staff: Shellie Bennett


Hajek Elementary

Teacher: Toni Wing-Jenkins

Support Staff: Wendee Neubauer

Para Clerical: Krisanne Friedman

Para Instructional: Donna Nelson  

Auxiliary Staff: Rebecca Yorek


Academy of Leadership and Technology at Mound

Teacher: Danielle Tanner

Support Staff:  Lisa Woods  

Para Clerical: Misty Thompson

Para Instructional: Christy Wortman

Auxiliary: DeeAnn Harmon


Norwood Elementary

Teacher: Michael Ann Roe

Support Staff: Tina Boyd

Para Clerical: Angela Cumbie

Para Instructional: Joan Guinn  

Auxiliary Staff: Brandi Putman


STEAM Academy at Stribling

Teacher: Ellen Douglas

Support Staff: Michelle Riggs

Para Clerical: Betty Noyola

Para Instructional: Julie Hoh

Auxiliary Staff: Angelica Hernandez


Taylor Elementary

Teacher: Emily Allen

Support Staff: Traci Yater

Para Clerical: Tisha McCrory

Para Instructional: Tonnee Johnson

Auxiliary Staff: Hilda Zamora


Hughes Middle School

Teacher: Stefanie Everitt  

Support Staff: Cindy Pickens  

Para Clerical: Sabrina Porter

Para Instructional: Cristi Ashby

Auxiliary Staff: Christina Velazquez


Kerr Middle School

Teacher:  Diana McGee

Support Staff: April Kuehler

Para Clerical: Darla Kester

Para Instructional: Tamie Barron

Auxiliary Staff: Oscar Menjivar


STEAM Middle School

Teacher:  Samantha Parker  

Support Staff: Morgan Harrison

Para Clerical: Tammy Vasquez

Auxiliary Staff: Terrance Seals


Burleson High School

Teacher: Matthew Collings

Support Staff: Brooke Jasa

Para Clerical: Linda Beauchamp  

Para Instructional: Sharaine Craig  

Auxiliary Staff: Warren Weaver


Burleson Collegiate High School

Teacher: Jennifer Cook

Support Staff: Cindy Alley

Para Clerical: Vanessa Jimenez

Auxiliary: Silver Limon


Centennial High School

Teacher: Drew Ellison

Support Staff: Amy Lanier

Para Clerical: Kellye Meador

Para Instructional: Robin Allard

Auxiliary Staff: Jake Tidwell


Crossroads High School

Teacher: Robin Rickard

Support Staff:  Rhonda Evans

Para Clerical:  Tina Mercer

Para Instructional:  Lisa McDowell

Auxiliary Staff: Alfredo Trevino