Burleson ISD Teachers and Staff of the Year 2018

Congratulations to the teachers and staff of the year for the 2017-18 school year. These staff members were selected by their peers for their dedication to students and teams.


Elementary Teacher of the Year:  Lindsey Muse

Secondary Teacher of the Year:  Laura Horner Stevens


Academy at Nola Dunn
Teacher: Kim Everts
Support Staff: Kevin Cassidy
Para Clerical: Darenda Lynes
Para Instructional: Keri Lewis
Auxiliary Staff: Celeste Jacobs

Academy of the Arts at Bransom
Teacher: Debra Applegate
Support Staff: Jessica Scott  
Para Clerical: Amanda Sard
Para Instructional: Stephanie Kveum
Auxiliary Staff: Meaghan Weldon

Brock Elementary
Teacher: Laura Jost
Support Staff:  Liz Louden-Wittwer
Para Clerical: Deanette Sullivan
Para Instructional: Candace Berry
Auxiliary: Lorena Mendez

Clinkscale Elementary
Teacher: Nicole Trotter
Support Staff: Jaree Sheeler
Para Clerical: Julie Torres
Para Instructional: Stefanie Lewis
Auxiliary Staff: Luisa Ortega

Frazier Elementary
Teacher: Whitney Davis
Support Staff: Kim Tubig
Para Clerical: Tonia McKnight
Para Instructional: Kristi Shawky
Auxiliary Staff: Jonathon Wells

Hajek Elementary
Teacher: Kristi Davis
Support Staff: Stephanie McElroy
Para Clerical: Shaquel Hall
Para Instructional: Maureen Meehan
Auxiliary Staff: Graciela Lagunas

Academy of Leadership and Technology at Mound
Teacher: Lindsey Muse
Support Staff:  Lisa Woods
Para Clerical: Dedra James
Para Instructional: Misty Knadle
Auxiliary: Karen Pointer

Norwood Elementary
Teacher: Melissa Luckenbaugh
Support Staff: Heath Kelly
Para Clerical: Angela Cumbie
Para Instructional: Ashtan Ortiz
Auxiliary Staff: Tiffany Hollingsworth

STEAM Academy at Stribling
Teacher: Jamie Fisher
Support Staff: Kelly Dunn
Para Clerical: Tiffany Barron
Para Instructional: Missi Boatwright
Auxiliary Staff: Angelica Hernandez

Taylor Elementary

Teacher: Rachel Webster
Support Staff: Melissa Tomme Tommy
Para Clerical: Dora Lopez
Para Instructional: Cheryl Romero
Auxiliary Staff: Claudia Ramirez

Hughes Middle School
Teacher: Nicole DeTommaso
Support Staff: Cindy Pickens  
Para Clerical: Tanya Barth
Para Instructional: Garrett Hollowell
Auxiliary Staff: Casimiro Ortega

Kerr Middle School
Teacher:  Mandy McIntosh
Support Staff: Kim Estes
Para Clerical: Darla Kester
Para Instructional: Becky Layne
Auxiliary Staff: Oscar Menjivar

STEAM Middle School
Teacher:  Louise Morgan
Support Staff: Morgan Harrison
Para Clerical: Kim Gilbert
Para Instructional: Megan Ladwig
Auxiliary Staff: Maria Roldan

Burleson High School
Teacher: Mandy Jarrett
Support Staff: Brooke Jasa
Para Clerical: Linda Beauchamp
Para Instructional: Sharaine Craig
Auxiliary Staff: Warren Weaver

Burleson Collegiate High School
Teacher: Laura Horner Stevens
Auxiliary: Rhodie Taylor

Centennial High School
Teacher: Denise Wager
Support Staff: Amy Lanier
Para Clerical: Kellye Meador
Para Instructional: Brandy Kaminski
Auxiliary Staff: Candice Stewart

Crossroads High School
Teacher: Natali Taylor
Support Staff:  Rhonda Evans
Para Clerical:  Janie Trevino
Para Instructional:  Trina Burks
Auxiliary Staff: Alfredo Trevino