Burleson ISD Elementary Students Excel at 2018 UIL Academics Competition

400 students competed in 13 categories for individual and team recognition

BURLESON, Texas – March 2, 2018 – Elementary students in Burleson Independent School District (BISD) competed as individuals and as teams at the A+ Academics competition held February 28 at Centennial High School. This UIL Academic Competition and its events are designed to complement and expand upon what students learn in the classroom, both through learning specific subject knowledge, and through learning skills that are valuable in most disciplines.

More than 400 students from 9 elementary schools competed for individual and team recognition in the following categories: Art; Chess Puzzle; Creative Writing; Dictionary Skills; Listening; Maps, Charts and Graphs ; Music Memory; Number Sense; Oral Reading; Ready Writing; Social Studies; Spelling; and Storytelling.

This is the second year BISD offered the A+ Academics competition to elementary students.

“In BISD, we’re always looking for more ways to challenge students and provide more opportunities for student achievement,” said April Chiarelli, BISD Executive Director of Learning. “In order to offer a multidisciplinary competition opportunity, we transitioned from the previous math pentathlon to elementary UIL academic competition. We’re seeing a great response from students and teachers, and we are looking forward to next year’s competition.”

After a full day of competition, students were recognized for their achievements at the Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to these students and teams:

2018 School Grand Champions: Academy of the Arts at Bransom Elementary & STEAM Academy at Stribling Elementary

Art, 4th Grade
1. Alexis Wallis, Taylor
2. Emily Ashcraft, Norwood
3. Jackie Quirino, Taylor
4. Malia Valerio, Mound
5. Hudson Elder, Norwood
6. Duncan Sypert, Bransom

Art, 4th Grade Team
1. Taylor
2. Norwood
3. Mound

Art, 5th Grade
1. Keilan Gregory, Mound
2. Lydia Postell, Norwood
3. Ely Terrell, Brock
4. Kohen Downs, Taylor
5. Lauren Schneidmiller, Norwood
6. Alyssa Westfall, Brock

Art, 5th Grade Team
1. Brock
2. Norwood
3. Mound

Chess Puzzle, 2nd Grade
1. Wesley Smith, Mound
2. Gage Hart, Clinkscale
3. Jackson Samuels, Clinkscale
4. Arianna Bowels, Bransom
5. Mound student
6. Mound student

Chess Puzzle, 2nd Grade Team
1. Mound
2. Bransom
3. Clinkscale

Chess Puzzle, 3rd Grade
1. Hunter Matthews, Clinkscale
2. Clinkscale student
3. Thomas McGovern, Stribling
4. Grant Bymaster, Stribling
5. Madison Holder, Mound
5. Zachary Cook, Stribling

Chess Puzzle, 3rd Grade Team
1. Clinkscale
2. Stribling
3. Bransom

Chess Puzzle, 4th Grade
1. Brooke Bridges, Stribling
2. Daviar Patton, Bransom
3. Josiah Wells, Bransom
4. Briggs Hood, Clinkscale
5. Jeremy Slocum, Taylor
6. Jesse Archer, Taylor
6. Hudson Elder, Norwood

Chess Puzzle, 4th Grade Team
1. Bransom
2. Taylor
3. Mound

Chess Puzzle, 5th Grade
1. Hayden Bertram, Clinkscale
2. Kaleb Russel, Taylor
3. Cason Verzinski, Clinkscale
4. Michael Brown, Clinkscale
5. Aaron Patterson, Mound
6. Alejandro Quirino, Taylor

Chess Puzzle, 5th Grade Team
1. Clinkscale
2. Taylor
3. Bransom

Creative Writing, 2nd Grade
1. Owen Campbell, Stribling
2. Ariel Jackson, Taylor
3. Kinley Blair, Bransom
4. Lilly Drier, Taylor
5. Ellie Hickman, Stribling
6. Jackson Samuels, Clinkscale

Dictionary Skills, 5th Grade
1. Elana Rotthoff, Mound
1. Sebastian Cooke, Stribling
3. Kahlen Irion, Stribling
4. Talia Slaughter, Bransom
5. Brylee Stevens, Bransom
6. Alexis Garza, Taylor

Dictionary Skills, 5th Grade Team
1. Stribling
2. Mound
3. Bransom

Listening, 5th Grade
1. Coby Harper, Bransom
2. Lydia Postell, Norwood
3. Taylor Slaughter, Bransom
4. Juiliana Brown, Stribling
5. Baylie McGovern, Stribling
6. Maddie Boatwright, Mound

Listening, 5th Grade Team
1. Bransom
2. Frazier
3. Stribling

Maps, Charts, and Graphs, 5th Grade
1. Lauren Schneidmiller, Norwood
2. Adysyn Livingston, Taylor
2. Caleb Eager, Bransom
4. Jaden Reyes, Bransom
5. Cason Berzinsky, Clinkscale
6. Dominic Venetucci, Bransom

Maps, Charts, and Graphs, 5th Grade Team
1. Bransom
2. Norwood
3. Frazier

Music Memory, 3rd Grade
1. Willow Brawley, Bransom
2. Faith Flemming, Stribling
3. Violet Ervin, Bransom
4. Morgan Atwell, Stribling
5. Malia Valerio, Mound
6. Austin Green, Stribling

Music Memory, 3rd Grade Team
1. Stribling
2. Bransom
3. Norwood

Music Memory, 4th Grade
1. Maci Keith, Stribling
2. Cooper Allen, Stribling
3. Gabriela Villafone, Norwood
4. Jacob Dunn, Stribling
5. Kaleena Trhong, Clinkscale
6. Gavin Roberts, Norwood

Music Memory, 4th Grade Team
1. Stribling
2. Norwood
3. Clinkscale

Music Memory, 5th Grade
1. Itzel Perez, Brock
2. Lelia Ruiz, Brock
3. Gabrielle Buchanan, Brock
4. Cathryn Turner, Brock
5. Emilie Crain, Brock
6. Maddie Hickey, Stribling

Music Memory, 5th Grade Team
1. Brock
2. Mound

Number Sense, 4th Grade
1. Kylie Stafford, Frazier
2. Enzo Elsner, Frazier
3. Helen Christensen, Stribling
4. Sydnee Cody, Stribling
5. Cade Jones, Bransom
6. Kimberly Newton, Stribling

Number Sense, 4th Grade Team
1. Stribling
2. Frazier
3. Mound

Number Sense, 5th Grade
1. Aditi Ray, Frazier
2. Zac Ostic, Clinkscale
3. Kylie Hay, Norwood
4. Caleb Eager, Bransom
5. Emily Parker, Clinkscale
6. Cutter Vick, Stribling

Number Sense, 5th Grade Team
1. Frazier
2. Norwood
3. Clinkscale

Oral Reading, 4th Grade
1. Kylee Stafford, Frazier
2. Sophia Kirkpatrick, Bransom
3. Mardie Frye, Bransom
4. Gabe Shawky, Frazier
5. Abbi Dixon, Frazier
6. Gillian Dishko, Bransom

Oral Reading, 5th Grade
1. Kathryn Evans, Frazier
2. Katie Grace, Bransom
3. Grace Walsh, Bransom
4. Mackenzie Moore, Clinkscale
5. Hannah Thompson, Mound
6. Kyah Frank, Nola Dunn

Ready Writing, 3rd Grade
1. Violet Ervin, Bransom
2. Kaylee Lehr, Stribling
3. Emma Lindamood, Mound
4. Camden Morton
5. Student from Mound
6. Addison Stowe, Stribling

Ready Writing, 4th Grade
1. Ainsleigh Craig, Taylor
2. Madyson Barrett, Brock
3. Hudson Hodges, Mound
4. Sophia Wasson, Frazier
5. Afton Reamy, Stribling
6. Eve Miller, Mound

Ready Writing, 5th Grade
1. Julianna Brown, Stribling
2. Mylie Dees, Clinkscale
3. Mateo Ramirez, Bransom
4. Jaden Williams, Mound
5. OIivia Pham, Bransom
6. Jovi Duncan, Clinkscale

Social Studies, 5th Grade
1. Michael Bravo, Clinkscale
2. Baylie McGovern, Stribling
2. Coby Harper, Bransom
4. Mateo Ramirez, Bransom
4. Jayden Furgeson, Nola Dunn
6. Logan Davault, Nola Dunn

Social Studies, 5th Grade Team
1. Bransom
2. Clinkscale
3. Nola Dunn

Spelling, 3rd Grade
1. Mckenzie Kimbrell, Taylor
2. Violet Ervin, Bransom
3. Malia Valeio, Mound
4. Dax Ennebach, Mound
5. Kinley Hunter, Bransom
6. Clinkscale student

Spelling, 3rd Grade Team
1. Mound
2. Taylor
3. Bransom

Spelling, 4th Grade
1. Jacelyn Eades, Stribling
2. Logan Castor, Taylor
3. Kacen Eades, Stribling
4. Aaron Willingham, Brock
5. Joshua Dewald, Frazier
6. Avery Lautzenheiser, Stribling

Spelling, 4th Grade Team
1. Stribling
2. Brock
3. Frazier

Spelling, 5th Grade
1. Alyssa Westfall, Brock
2. Calli Gourley, Mound
3. Richard Romero, Stribling
4. Rishab Adhikari, Frazier
5. Cason Verzinski, Clinkscale
6. Treyvon McDonald, Stribling

Spelling, 5th Grade Team
1. Stribling
2. Mound
3. Brock

Storytelling, 2nd Grade
1. Lane Schott, Bransom
2. Hannah Jimerson, Bransom
3. Caroline Chiarelli, Stribling
4. Jackson Samuels, Clinkscale
5. Reagan Johnson, Brock
6. Fiona McKinney, Taylor

Storytelling, 3rd Grade
1. Elsie Norris, Frazier
2. August Shaw, Frazier
3. Sophie Juarez, Brock
4. Calman Pruscha, Bransom
5. Amyria Young, Frazier
6. Ashlie Flores, Brock