Burleson ISD Celebrates Groundbreaking for Burleson High School Multipurpose Facility

BISD Officials Thank Community for Supporting Student Education

Burleson, TX (October 2, 2018) – Local officials and community leaders joined Burleson Independent School District (BISD) today to celebrate the groundbreaking for the Burleson High School multipurpose facility. The new multipurpose facility at Burleson High School, located at 100 Elk Drive, will accommodate the growing number of students in extracurricular activities.   

The Burleson High School multipurpose facility is one of four district bond projects approved by voters in May 2017, which are in process simultaneously.

School Board President Andy Pickens spoke of the commitment from fellow Trustees.

“We all share the same vision of providing innovative education choices to students and the tools they need to embrace their dynamic future,” said Pickens. “The improvements in the works for Burleson High School and both of our middle school facilities are evidence of their dedicated service.”

Trustee Shawn Minor spoke of the tremendous growth in the district and how the multipurpose facility will benefit student groups.  

“A number of our citizens came together as part of a facilities advisory committee to determine what would be the best outcome for our kids, and enhancements to this campus were part of that decision making process,” said Minor. “With this facility, learning will no longer be impacted by mother nature. Weather will no longer ruin the day at BHS and kids will no longer run in hallways to get track practice in. The citizens of Burleson got it right and I appreciate those who took part in helping to make this vision a reality.”  

Members of the Facilities Advisory Committee were also recognized by BISD School Board President Andy Pickens.

“The Facilities Advisory Committee was composed of a group of community members who worked together, spending many nights immersed in school finance and district facilities, to lay the blueprint for the work we are beginning here today,” said Pickens. “Thank you, committee members, not only for your time on the committee, but also for your dedication to our students. Your work is an example of the value of education in Burleson.”

Superintendent Dr. Bret Jimerson noted construction on the multipurpose facility marks the start of construction on the district’s fourth bond project.

“As with other bond projects, our employees are working with architects and construction managers to complete four district bond projects on time and under budget,” said Dr. Jimerson. “Renovations and enhancements to Burleson High School are nearing completion, and today we celebrate the start of construction on this facility.”  

Dr. Jimerson also expressed appreciation to trustees and facilities advisory committee members who created the bond recommendation that voters approved in May 2017.

“I want to thank our Board of Trustees for their vision and guidance because without their guidance this would not be happening today,” said Dr. Jimerson.  “To each member of the Facilities Advisory Committee, we couldn’t have done this without you. This is what you said needed to happen and you have been instrumental in bringing this day here.”

Noting the athletic programs are growing and space is at a premium, Dr. Jimerson spoke of how the multipurpose facility will accommodate multiple student groups before thanking community partners.

“Thank you to everyone at the City for being great partners by getting things running quickly and to the City Council for getting everything approved,” said Dr. Jimerson. “ It’s not common to have such a great community that works together for the common good. Churches, community groups, business leaders and city leaders all come together for our kids and our schools, and I thank you all for being here today.”

Dr. Jimerson also recognized the employees of BISD who work with the architects and construction managers to make this project run smoothly. Partners in the project include Stantec Architecture, Image Engineering Group, Glenn Engineering and Jackson Construction.

For information and a full timeline of bond projects, visit bonds.burlesonisd.net.



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Mikala Hill or Katelyn Tyler, Burleson ISD Communications