Burleson ISD Board of Trustees Call for Bond Election

Board of Trustees Take Action on Recommendation from Facilities Advisory Committee

BURLESON, Texas (Feb. 13, 2017) – The Burleson Independent School District (BISD) Board of Trustees voted unanimously to call for a bond election in the amount of $85 million at the board meeting on February 13, 2017. The Board took action on a recommendation from a Facilities Advisory Committee, comprised of nearly 60 community members, to determine the best way to address district growth and facilities’ needs.

“Burleson ISD is growing and our student population will increase over the next 10 years,” Superintendent Dr. Bret Jimerson said. “Knowing this, the board of trustees tasked a Facilities Advisory Committee to review the needs of the district, analyze data and develop a fiscally responsible plan of how to best meet the facilities’ needs of the district.”

The committee included parents, grandparents, business and civic leaders, and educators, whose meetings began in October 2016. Together, the group toured district facilities, consulted with experts from Stantec Architecture, analyzed enrollment projections provided by Templeton Demographics, and reviewed data from SAMCO Capital Senior Managing Director Doug Whitt, in preparation for the recommendation presented to the Board of Trustees.

At the February 2 board meeting, committee member Dave Irby presented the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The recommendation included extensive renovation and expansion of the existing Hughes Middle School, a new middle school to replace the existing Kerr Middle School, and a multipurpose facility and collaborative learning spaces at Burleson High School.

“We worked individually, then as small groups, and eventually as one large group, to determine our final recommendation,” said Irby at the February 2 meeting. “These renovations and additions at our existing facilities allow us to keep up with the growth in our district, be good stewards with our current facility investments, and create a uniform learning environment between the new and existing campuses.”

At the February 13 board meeting, Chief Financial Officer Brenda Mize said the election must follow a two-step process, the first of which was the calling for the bond election. The second step will occur in March when preliminary tax rates are available.

“If the board adopts these tax rates, it will trigger a tax ratification election, or TRE,” said Mize. “This will make Burleson ISD’s election a two-part selection on the ballot for both the bond and the TRE.”

The committee’s final recommendation includes:

New Construction:

  • New multipurpose activity facility at BHS, to improve opportunities for most of the campus’ extracurricular activities
  • Replacement home campus for Kerr at Hidden Creek

Renovations and Additions:

  • Expansions at Hughes Middle School to accommodate students and address capacity in the fine arts and athletic areas, and renovations to be comparable to the STEAM Middle School
  • New collaborative learning spaces at BHS
  • Repurpose Kerr from a home campus, renovating only those portions that are financially responsible, as funds are available and as the district deems necessary

For more information on the committee, visit www.burlesonisd.net and click the “Facilities Advisory Committee” icon.



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Mikala Hill or Katelyn Tyler

Burleson ISD Communications