The goal of the BISD Bilingual and ESL programs is to enable English learners to become competent in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the English language through the development of literacy and academic skills to participate equitably in school.

Policy and Law

Texas Education Code  Bilingual Education and ESL Programs

Texas Administrative Code Commissioner’s Rules Concerning State Plan for Educating English Learners

Description of Programs

Bilingual Program

El programa bilingüe

The Texas Education Code requires that districts provide bilingual education from PK-6th grade whenever there are twenty or more speakers of the same language, in the same grade level across the district.

Texas law requires bilingual program instruction to be provided in both English and the student’s native language. Textbooks are also provided in both English and Spanish for Spanish-English bilingual programs.

BISD offers a “One-Way Dual Language Bilingual Program”, where students receive equal instruction time in English and Spanish for all content areas.

Our current Bilingual Campus is Jack Taylor Elementary.

ESL Program

El programa de inglés como segundo idioma

English as a Second Language (ESL) programs provide instruction and textbooks in English only, with the use of some supplemental resources in the students’ native languages (ex. Bilingual dictionaries, glossaries, etc.).

When there are less than twenty students who speak the same language in the same grade level (PK-6th grade), Texas State law requires districts to provide an ESL program for students who meets the eligibility criteria.

For grades 7-12, Texas law requires districts to provide an ESL program for all students who meet the eligibility criteria.

BISD currently provides a bilingual program for Spanish-speaking students in grades PK-5, and ESL for grades 6-12. For students who speak a language other than Spanish, BISD provides an ESL program from grades PK-12.  

Newcomer Program

El programa para los principiantes del inglés como segundo idioma

Elementary students who are new to the United States will receive Bilingual/ESL service supports through their home zoned campuses.

Secondary students who have lived in the United States less than three years are eligible to participate in the ESL electives offered at Hughes Middle School, Kerr Middle School, or Burleson High School.

  • Annual Timeline (cronología annual)
  • Academic Plan for EL Students (el plan académico para los estudiantes del programa de inglés como segundo idioma)
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